Suture Anchor

Tenacious suture: Preset with 2#、2-0# iSuture™ made of UHMWPE fiber. Its strictly calculated fiber twist and braiding angle ensure the strength and smoothness of knot-tying.

Optimized design:Ergonomic design handle, comfortable to hold; self-tapping screw, easy to insert.

Various options: Diameter 2.0-6.5mm, single or double thread, meet the fixation needs of shoulder、elbow、wrist、hip、knee、 ankle etc.

Model and size
Model Specification Suture
HP02Z06B01 ¢2.0*5 single needle
HP02Z04C02 ¢2.8*9 single thread
HP02Z04C04 ¢2.8*9 double thread
HP02Z04B04 ¢2.8*9 double needle
HP02Z01C02 ¢3.5*13 single thread
HP02Z01B04 ¢3.5*13 double needle
HP02Z01B04 ¢5.0*15.5 double needle
HP02Z01C04 ¢5.0*15.5 double thread
HP02Z01B04 ¢5.0*15.5 double needle